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How Changing Your Hair Color Will Change You



Simi A Mira

I started coloring my hair before I started using make-up. Unlucky enough to have been born with a rather dull brown, I was always so jealous of those sexy blonds and mysterious brunettes. Sadly, my first attempts to distinguish myself led me to try colors such as blue, purple and red. Terrible mistake. However, years after these clumsy failures, I have finally found the blond that has me hearing “ You look like Cara Delevingne” five times a day. I cannot guarantee that it will happen to you, but there’s no harm in trying. Here’s my advice if you want to color your hair and see how you could have looked if Mother Nature had been more generous.

From blond to brunette

This is for you if you think your Adriana Lima potential is not fully exploited. Some say coloring from light to dark is less dangerous for your hair because you don’t empty it from its pigments. However, you will probably have a shock the next morning and wonder what is Wednesday Adams doing in your bed.

If you really want to go dark, prefer an institute. It is always safer than letting your ten years-old cousin try, and I know what I’m talking about. After getting your hair done, don’t wash it before three to four hours, unless kaki is the color you secretly wanted to achieve.

From brunette to blond

Look who thinks they can become Dakota Fanning. Fair enough, but do it right. If you are a dark brunette, don’t expect to go home after your first day at the saloon with your dream beachy hair. To dying in horrible pain, you’ll have to go through several appointments. Don’t give up: blonds are supposed to get more male attention and to look nicer. It is unfair, but who am I to fight statistics?

From brunette to red

One can argue that this is a bad idea, but it is also an easy goal to achieve. Since your dark hair already contain red pigment, you’ll just have to reveal them by stripping it. You might end up looking like my artist friend during her gothic phase, but that will cost you less money and less time than achieving an actually sexy color. Still, if you are lucky and good-looking, you could end up turning into a wild sex-bomb. An interesting bet.

From blond to any light color

Your mother will tell you it’s a bad idea, your friends will repeat it and Katy Perry’s blue hair pictures will confirm. Still, the heart wants what it wants. I have to admit that I saw cute girls with pink hair, and weirdly satisfying blue tones. Never have I ever seen a nice green though. Anyway, lucky blond, achieving any color is easy for you. You can even do it at home with these cheap colors that will repaint your pillow if you don’t rinse it right. Just apply the quantity required and pray.

Either you’re fishing for attention or compliment, you will probably get both by coloring your hair. Try to use good quality products and hydrate it often, so it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a cheap wig.

It’s Beautiful People – Not Just Women And Men



By Margretta Sowah
Twitter – @bohomags

It’s not hard to spot a beautiful person. I’m convinced the world is full of them.

Man, woman, child. Caramel, chocolate, vanilla… yes, even ice cream flavours can be beautiful. There’s a formula to most things, a science for the way we work. When talking about Fashion what we are addressing is aesthetics; the emotional and sensory feelings we have to something. A wedding dress is a perfect example. The emotional feeling attached to a wedding dress makes it aesthetically pleasing, generally speaking. With that being said, beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder, and the same goes for opinions.

What makes fashion so exciting is its influence within culture and society. This is the only platform where being an odd beauty is commercially sellable – the kooky, quirky, avant-garde and weird (I say these with quotation fingers). Without the appreciation of subcultures we wouldn’t have websites like DAZED, I-D and Oyster Mag. I’m not just talking about models and designers with an ‘edge’. I mean trailblazers like fashion reporter and Diesel campaign model, Jillian Mercado, who has muscular dystrophy. Daphne Selfe is a 60 plus stunner, still earning top dollar in a world obsessed with youth – grey haired, fine lined and teeth better than most. Amazon Eve (otherwise known as Erika Ervin), the tallest model in the world at 6’8’’… sidebar: I would feel a certain type of way if I was in the cubicle next to her. If I were her height I would be tempted to take the piss every now and then. Wouldn’t you? Just saying.

Daphne Selfe

Jillian Mercado

These women are not what would be called conventionally beautiful. Whether it is ageism, the power of privilege or stereotyping particular features, society is quick to ignore and criticize anything that is perceived as a threat to established cultural norms. The fashion industry has embraced subcultures like no other industry can, despite having a capitalist and elitist mentality. In this bubble we are able to challenge aesthetics (to a certain degree) and hold a mirror to all our unique worlds – from the lame and the limber – for relation.

Woman like a man, like a woman like a man

Everyone is talking about the trans-[insert title] community at the moment; women wanting to be men, men wanting to be women and children just wanting to be taken seriously – insert Kylie Jenner. Conventional roles are changing; people are liberated by different channels. A good example is Casey Legler. Casey a female who models menswear, exclusively. This 35 year old American (born in France) woman is also an established artist and ex-Olympian swimmer… Anyone else feel they should up their Linkedin game?

Ms Legler has been signed by Ford Modelling Agency for men. Ford Models are the world’s leading talent management, with a portfolio of models like Naomi Campbell, Beverly Johnson, Janice Dickenson and Brooke Shield. Casey is no doubt a woman of beauty, but her unique style was not maximised until photographer and friend, Cass Bird, placed Casey in a photoshoot originally cast for a no-show male model. This began Ms Legler’s journey into male modelling. Fortunately her strong jaw line and androgynous features made an impact on editors and designers.

Casey Legler

Another Ford model making bold statements is Elliott Sailors. This blonde bombshell, according to The New York Post, was on Bacardi billboards globally before her work load began to drop. At 31 Elliott made a decision – she gave herself a ballsy makeover, cutting her long blonde locks in hopes of success within the male model arena. Elliott told the New York Post; “I’m starting over to have a longer career […] Men don’t need to look as young as possible, so I have a lot of time.” If you are wondering how she hides her… accessories, Elliot assures she binds her breasts and accentuates her strong jaw line for maximum effect. She also said, on a more personal note, no one (except her husband) opens the door for her anymore, assuming she is male because of her appearance. As disappointing as that is to hear, she doesn’t need to worry – or anyone else for that matter. She can open or close her own doors and so can you. She doesn’t need a man – or a woman dressed like a man, dressed like a woman, who is actually is a man – to tell her boo. #yesallwomen

Elliot Sailors

There is no denying it would be a different sunny day in Sydney if I opened Harpers Bazaar and saw an advertorial, two page spread with a man selling a female handbag – I don’t care how sexy he is. This includes you, Tyson Beckford. Even your aesthetically pleasing chocolate self won’t convince me to part with my money for your bag. It is yet to make sense in my head though I’m sure over time we will be desensitised to most things. On a serious note, besides visual concerns, there are obvious proportion issues when a female wears men’s clothing… extra pockets are not needed when women have handbags, boy/friends and a decent bra – to keep your phone, lipstick, lighter and pen close to the action.

The way I see it, If men are okay with buying and relating to clothes modelled by a woman – who is no longer projecting feminity (let’s face it, men can be a little clueless at times) – then we have come a long way in society. We aren’t there yet, not by a long shot, but the streets have been talking and we eventually will have no choice but to listen. That in itself is a strangely beautiful thing.

Keep Your New Year Resolution – Tips From The Models



The facts here are simple. Supermodels and models need to make daily life choices that include a healthy lifestyle with a regimented workout routine and a low-carb, high protein diet. It does take time however to make healthy habits a part of your everyday routine (21 days to form a habit, 6 months to incorporate a new habit within your personality), and the below tips will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions whether you are a supermodel or not; and are surefire ways to stop the cycle of attempting to make change and not following through.

1. Be Realistic

The easiest way to fail is to make a resolution that is not attainable. This could be giving up your favorite food – let’s face it, that’s just not going to happen and chances are you will break and have a favorite food binge eating session. Stick with something simple like, have your favorite food in moderation. This would be easy to attain and chances are you will not go overboard, because you are not depriving yourself.

2. Smart People Plan Ahead

Making your resolution on the night of New Year’s Eve is not the best time to do so. Chances are you are making a resolution based on your mindset of that evening, verses a well thought out plan. The key here is to make and outline a plan prior to December 31st. The outline should decide how you are going to skip any temptation and stick to your resolution, whether it means calling a friend for a support, practicing positive thinking or reminding yourself how a negative behaviour can affect your goal.

3. Reward Yourself

This doesn’t mean contradict your resolution to eat healthy, by rewarding yourself by downing a box of See’s Candy. Reward yourself by doing something that is aligned and doesn’t conflict with your resolution. For example, purchase a new outfit (exercise outfit or any other), or take a day off from the gym and hit up a movie with a friend.

4. Track Your Progress

Short-term goals are typically easier to attain and by tracking your progress you will be motivated to stay on track. For example, instead of focusing on losing 35 pounds, focus on losing the first 5. In this scenario, it is also helpful to keep a food journal to track your progress and keep in mind you will have off days, Do not ever beat yourself up over a slip up – it happens, just get back on the horse again and continue on the path. Keep in mind this is a marathon not a sprint, but be sure to focus on the short term as you will be less overwhelmed.

5. Reinvent If Needed

Keep your plan flexible, and if you need to reinvent to stay focused on your goal, you should do so. For instance, if you committed to a diet that incorporates a latest food trend such as Kale, and it turns out you do not like Kale – switch to another healthy alternative such as broccoli. Focus on what works and keep your plan fluid for any changes.

The Dish On Waist Training



By Calynn M. Lawrence

Every fashion model wants to achieve that perfect 23 inch waist! But, sometimes you just can not seem to get that extra push no matter what you try! well, the question for you is, “have you tried waist training?” This is a new term given to a long term method of cinching in the waist line so as to obtain flawless curves. As a fashion model, this can be very useful in optimizing your figure as long as you follow the below steps!


This is the very first step and most important step in your waist training journey. If you buy a size too big then you will have no results because it will not be able to properly suck you in. However, if you buy it too small it can suffocate you and leave scarring! Measure the narrowest part of the waist line and use that as a basis for what size you buy.


Plastic and cotton waist trainers are great for a quick fix underneath a dress. But, they are useless if you are trying to actually shrink your waist. Investing in a steel bone waist trainer or corset is the only way to actually decrease its size. The steel boning helps to push the stomach in and reshape the body for a more dramatic appeal.


You must wear your waist trainer on a regular basis because results do not happen over night! Wearing a waist trainer 5 to 6 days a week with 1 to 2 rest days is ideal. This gives your body enough time to be reformed without causing too much strain that could lead to long term damage.


You can not simply throw on a waist trainer and eat nothing but junk and then not exercise. That will do nothing but get you hurt feelings! If you are seriously trying to shrink your waist in a short amount of time, working out and having a great diet is a good plan. This will not only help you lose weight but you will be losing inches as well! You’ll have a nice trim and tone tummy in no time!


This method does not help you lose an inch a week. But, if you follow the above tips, it is averaged to lose about 1 to 2 inches in your waist a month! Anything more than that, unless you are very overweight, is unhealthy and likely means that you should cease your waist training or seek the counsel of a medical professional.

These tips are guaranteed to help you achieve the goals that you have set for that bombshell body! Just be sure to let your physical goals come second to your health. Do everything in moderation and not extremity.

Model Maison – Taylah & Lola



This is an edit from the beautiful website called Model-Maison. Model-Maison is a project of love and dedication that has seen the photographer, Cybele Malinowski shoot models in their bedrooms all over the suburbs of Sydney, LA, London, Ukraine and shanghai. Each week we will be featuring a new model from Model- Maison.

Photography: @cybism, Cybele Malinowski
Model:             @taylahroberts1, Taylah Roberts @ IMG,
@lolavan, Lola Van Vorst @ London Mgt Group
HMU:              @aniamilczarczyk, Ania Milczarczyk